Move On to the Next Phase of Construction

Rely on us for property excavating services in Shepherd, MT

Before you start building in Shepherd, MT, you'll need to prep your space. Jim Rooney Excavating will provide high-quality construction site prep services, so you don't have to worry about problems down the line. We'll give you a sturdy foundation to build your residential or commercial building on and prevent issues like the foundation settling and cracking.

Discuss your property excavating services with our owner today.

Taking on your construction prep work

Wondering if we can manage your project? We can handle construction site prep for your:

  • Basement - digging out your basement, removing excess dirt and leveling the space with laser levels
  • Building pad - removing grass, sod or debris and packing the earth to make space for your pad
  • Foundation - removing sod and debris, packing the ground and digging out space for drainage around the foundation

No matter what kind of project you have planned, we'll manage it carefully and ensure a level, sturdy foundation. We can even manage specialized projects like building on a hill. Contact us now for property excavating services.